Two young Shan civilians serving forced labour are killed among the Burmese soldiers ambushed by the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA)

On 4 May 2022, at about 5:00 pm, TNLA troops ambushed a group of Burma army soldiers near Maw Tawng village, Mu Se Township in northern Shan State, killing more than 10 Burmese soldiers and two young Shan civilian men from Kyawk Me whose vehicle was being forced by the Burmese soldiers to carry them.

With regard to this incident, one of the relatives of the civilians who died said, “Two of them were travelling together from Kyawk Me to Mu Se driving a car. They met a group of Burmese soldiers at Nam Paw bridge who stopped them, climbed on their car and rode on with them. When they got near Maw Tawng village, TNLA troops ambushed them and fired at the car with an RPG, killing 12 Burmese soldiers, and the two civilian drivers were also killed in the attack”.

One of the two young civilians who were killed was Sai Zarm La, a member of Tai Youth Network (TYN) organization, who was also a member of the board of secretaries of the Committee for Shan State Unity (CSSU). He was known to be a good and public-spirited person and was active in social activities among Shan communities.

The bodies of the two young Shan are said to have been taken to the hospital in Mu Se town by ‘parahita’ volunteer organization and are waiting for their relatives to come. When all the relatives of the two arrive, their bodies will be cremated at the cemetery of Mu Se town today, 5 May 2022, at 15:00 hrs in the afternoon.

Regarding the deaths of Sai Zarm La and his friend, Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) has also issued a statement of condolence, and condemnation of the act of violence.

The way the Burmese troops forcibly used civilian car and the action of the TNLA are clearly blatant human rights violations. Because the TNLA knowingly fired at a civilian vehicle, brutally used violent means to solve a problem without any prior investigation, they have also violated international military code of conduct. RCSS/SSA strongly protests against and condemns the brutal act of the TNLA which has cost the lives of Shan youths who were earnestly working for peace and well-being of the people.



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