TNLA uses the civilians as a shield

The clashes between TNLA and Tatmadaw (Myanmar Military) broke out on Muse-Mandalay Highway at 07:05 am near Loi Sam Sib Mountain at Kutkai Township, northern Shan State. Both groups had blocked the highway and not letting any vehicles passed through the route.

There were video clips shared on social media, mostly on Facebook, showed that TNLA soldier was hiding on the other side of the vehicle which of the civilian was still in the car.

A local said that the fighting had gone silent as of now, the road was blocked and they would not let anybody walk through, and TNLA was the one who use the civilians’ cars to defense themselves from getting hit.

TNLA and Tatmadaw had other clashes near Wan Tor Phae village, Kunkaw region in Kyawkme Township’ area on this 11 November.



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