TNLA planted bombs caused locals lost his limb

A resident of Kuang Thein village stepped on one the mine bombs set by TNLA on 5 October near Kyawkme Township, Northern Shan State.

Lung (Uncle) Long Gwai, age 48, was the victim of the incident caused him to lose one leg while he was walking to the tea plantation from his home. There are mines planted by TNLA in tea plantation where locals owned them that bring the troubles and obstacles for locals who are tea pickers to walk pass the lane to the plantation.

News that locals have lost some of their cattle to TNLA planted bombs were often heard and frustrated them to go farming and hesitate them to release their herds for grazing said Kaung Thein villager.

The same occurrence also happened to one of the local at Mong Ngor last September 22, sub-township of Kyawkme.



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