TNLA plant more landmines and more torments of them to the locals

TNLA had been operating at Loi Yen mountains of Kyawkme Township, northern Shan State, setting several landmines around on 13 October, Wan Mark Meu village.

The villagers have been inhibited by TNLA to leave the village to their firm lands and tea plantations as those traps were for Burmese Military to be crushed, that launching their operations started at Wan Taw Sang village then continue to Wan Nyaung Pa La village on 14 October.

Local said that instead of Burmese soldiers were killed, our herds and people stepped on the mines and lost their lives, we were also forced not to come out of the village to work. We hopefully requested to all various political parties and human rights organizations to come help us to solve the problems as it is now so difficult for each of households to make a living.

Sai Thein and Nang Ngin Sue, who are a married couple from Wan Ma Moe village, were killed due to trampling on the mines planted by TNLA near Mong Ngor, sub-township of Kyawkme on 9 September as well.



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