TNLA order Loi Yen locals to cut down trees

TNLA had commanded several households from 5 villages such as Nyuang Pin La, Nyaung Maung, Zar Ti (south), Zar Ti (north) and Par Tein villages to help them cut down trees on Loi Yen Mountain, on 7 November.

No one from the villages was dare to go chop down the trees in the woods as they were fear of stepping on the mines which TNLA had planted. As they heard that a cow owned by Pa (auntie) Mya of Wan Nyang Maung was severely injured by the bomb.

The locals said that they had not only to accompany TNLA soldiers with their own motorcycles to send them off to places but also, they needed to pay for their own gasoline. And they had to prepare their motorcycles for this free-ride transportation every morning.

TNLA paid them nothing rather they forcibly asked 3000-5000 kyats (in cash) per household whom did not own a motorcycle as a lack of service.

There was an incident that three oxen killed of stepping on TNLA’s planted bombs in the woods on 21 October, 2019 near Nyuang Maung village in Kyawkme Township, northern Shan State.



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