The Problems of the Union of Burma (Myanmar) Part (3) (The Solution)

The political problems, the power struggle which the Union of Burma has to face successively has been only among the ethnic Burman themselves. The fact that other ethnic nationalities have never tried to wrest state power but even always have the will to make the union firm in accordance with federal democracy is well known by all.

Resistance movements occurred in the union because the Panglong Agreement was not honoured. Also, the military seized power and destroyed democracy and arrested many political leaders, prompting other ethnic nationalities to take up arms to resist the injustice.

The Union of Burma has been faced with problems since independence and has never been stable and advanced is because there has been only attempts to use military strength to wrest power from each other, but has never been an attempt to build trust.

Therefore, in order to make the union peaceful and stable in the future I see the solution as follow: Neighbouring countries like Thailand, India and ASEAN countries are very important and they should act as mediators to help solve the problems by making all the stakeholders to meet.

The mediator group (Thailand, India and ASEAN countries) should first talk to the following stakeholders:

  1. The 18 ethnic armed organizations
  2. The Burmese military (Tatmadaw)
  3. The National Unity Government (NUG)
  4. Political parties
  5. The Sangha (community of monks)
  6. Individual academics

The mediator group should first approach and talk to these 6 groups and collect data. After that they should meet with 3 main group, namely the ethnic armed organizations, the Tatmadaw and the NUG. And later call the meeting of all the 6 groups.

The main thing to talk about in this meeting of the 6 groups is the system of federal democracy. To reach this stage, a lot of trust building is needed. Promises and agreements must be made and guaranteed. This is very important because every one has learned a lot of lesson to understand it.

Superpower nations like China, Russia and the US should not be included. It may not be appropriate to invite one and not the other. Let them stand and watch behind. The main players should be Thailand, India and ASEAN countries, and the UN should be the monitor and helper.

If only we can do as mentioned, it will be good and acceptable to all parties. If the Tatmadaw does not accept, we can even exclude it. If mainly, the political parties, ethnic armed organizations, the people and the Sangha accept it, a government can be established.

This is only my personal opinion and it is up to every one to accept it or not.

By Sur Khan Fa

  1. 11. 2022


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