The Medical Team of RCSS/SSA are curing the patient villagers

The medical team of RCSS/SSA have been preparing a lot of medicine went for the treat the patient’s villagers who lived in Mung Kung Township, Northern Shan State.

Starting on 23 June to until today 28 June, the medical team of RCSS/SSA went for curing the patients of Boinyoun, Boinyarsaii, Parnbork, Nassim, Namkomloun, Nampain, loukkarn and other villages villagers that were in Mung Kung Township. Those villages had set around the mountain where there are no clinics and hospitals for the villagers.

All villagers were a Palaung ethnic. The medical team cured about 600 people in total including men, women, children, grandmothers, and grandfathers till today.


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