The Burmese Army shells into the village and injured villagers

On 9th Oct 2020, around 20pm, the Burmese troops from 352LIB fired 60MM artillery into Kyoi Kong village, Kyaukme Township, northern Shan State.

According to the local source, “The artillery landed into the village, many houses were destroyed. Nang Mon Sein was wounded on her head. Also, U Tin Maung Win’s warehouse was damaged by the shrapnel of the artillery.”

Previously, on 4 Oct 2020, the same event took place when the Burmese troops fired artillery into the village of Hkaing Hkai village. Sai Kyaw Aye’s house was hit by bombardment and Sai Kyaw Aye’s himself was injured.

According to the RCSS spokesperson, Lt Col Aom Khur, “Villagers knows who fired into their villages. Therefore, I would like to urge our people to reveal the truth.”

During the clashes, the Burmese Army used helicopters to help them fight better.

Currently, more than 2500 villagers had fled and taken shelter at the temple. Until today, villagers still couldn’t go can’t back to the villages as the Burmese army continuously reinforce into the area.



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