Tatmadaw hit TNLA heavily near Kyawkme-Namsan

Tatmadaw (Myanmar Military) attacked TNLA with massive forces at 07:40 am near Wan Tor Phae village in the region between Kyawkme and Namsan Townships yesterday.

Local said that there were many Burmese Military trucks going up to Loi Kai Die mountain where TNLA camps taking a base then came down with wounded soldiers and the numbers of dead was unknow from both sides.

There were two helicopters flew over the towns at 10:30 am from Mong Ngor Township to reinforce Burmese Military.

The clash between this two groups also broke out at 7:00 am on 14 November on the highway of Muse-Mandalay at Kutkai Township, northern Shan State.



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