Refugees get aids from the locals of Mao Province

Locals from Mao Province give the aids to the refugees who are stuck in the battles between TNLA, AA, MNDAA and Burmese Military (Tatmadaw) in Northern Shan State, Myanmar.

The locals, towns residents, have been gathered bed sheets and blankets to donate to the refugees of remote villages since the battle broke out in late August. After collecting some amounts of stocks with trucks and tricycle-trucks, they then went to the brigade (701) of RCSS/SSA at 16:00 pm to bring them to the refugees on 24 September. Brigade (701) agreed to help them transport the aids to affected area.

The battles have been started and occurred sporadically in Norther Shan State in August till present and caused locals to run away from their homes and lost some lives in the battles.

(Mao Province is considered either side of the border line between Southern part of Dehong Prefecture of China and Northern most of Shan State, Myanmar).



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