RCSS/SSA receives an offering from Local Shan Youths Community

A Shan youth community called “Jum Houm Liang Peung of Tung Mao” donated 320,000 kyats and 400 yuan of money to RCSS/SSA on 1 January, at their liaison office in Muse, northern Shan State.

The funds were directly handed over to Sai Naw Suk first, an officer of Economic Department of RCCS, then he passed them to the front line of SSA in northern Shan State.

RCSS/SSA’s officers expressed their gratitude to the youths and locals who have provided all the contributions. There was another donation from Tachilek people who supplied RCSS/SSA with 3,000 blankets at Loi Tai Leng Headquarters on 27 December, for Shan soldiers where they stand against cold weather in the bosky mountains.

Tung Mao is the name of a province that ethnic Dai or Shan predominantly reside in Dehong prefecture of China and the northern Shan State of Myanmar.


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