Offertory from Shan immigrant workers to Sangha and RCSS’s chairman

Shan immigrant workers organized an offering obeisance ceremony to present respects and gratitude to the Sangha and RCSS/SSA chairman Yawd Serk on 2 January as a new year gift in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Around 200 attendees who came from Bangkok, Rayong and Chiang Mai provinces of Thailand, participated in the ceremony.

The ceremony began at 10:00 am and started with immigrant workers paying obeisance to and asking for a blessing from the Sangha. Then, came to pay respect to Gen. Yawd Serk as an elderly relative.

The Chairman gave a speech to the attendees, who were mostly ethnic Shan, that emphasized: (1) as much as we hate our enemy and aspire to get our nation back, however, our burning desires and execution were not enough, (2) instead of helping Jao (Sao) Noi in revolution against Bamar, Shan educated people opposed him that resulted in us division of principles or opinions, (3) people decided to leave home and rebelled against the enemy, and that revolution needed a huge amount of money to spend and to cover the expenses. Once you became rich from that, people went against each other in the process, caused the wars between us, you could see what happened to Jao Noi as an example.

Shan Immigrants workers at offertory ceremony

He also addressed that “although we had several groups of immigrant workers, the most curial thing was that we united as a one, knew what we were doing, for whom and on what purpose.”

After that, all the participators had a new year lunch together to close the ceremony.


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