Negotiation meeting between RCSS and SAC has been successfully concluded

On 26th January 2023, the 3-day meeting, held 24-26 January2023 in Nay Pyi Taw, between the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and the State Administration Council (SAC) has been successfully concluded.

In his closing speech, the chairman of the RCSS, Gen Yawd Serk, said that in order to build peace for a country to be stable and peaceful, dialogue to build trust is necessary. Building trust is possible only when all sides do as agreed upon as negotiated. When trust is established, peace can then be achieved. Because the agreements reached in the 1947 Panglong Agreement have not been observed, the present union, even though independence has been achieved, has not been stable and peaceful, and has been engaging in civil war up to this day.

There is an ancient saying that when people in the same house fight each other, some neighbouring houses may try to gain benefits. When the same ethnic people fight, other ethnic peoples can gain benefits and when people in the same country fight, people of other countries can gain benefits. Even though our union has been independent for 75 years, if we could not build trust and could not treat each other with equality, our country will go to ruin.

Therefore, in order to prevent our union from disintegration, I would like to urge all sides not to be selfish according to greed, hatred and pride and want all things for oneself, for one own lineage. In order to make our country stable and peaceful, if only one has the courage to distribute power based on the principle of equality, our union would surely become peaceful and prosperous. The time, especially peace building time, is very important and everyone should respect it.

This time to Nay Pyi Taw. the chairman of RCSS, General Yawd Serk, led a delegation which included Col Seo Harn and Lt Col Aom Khur, members of the Central Executive Committee (CEC), and members of Central Leading Committee (CLC) Maj Nang Moe Moe Saw and Maj Nang Zarm Phawng, and a team of supporting technicians.



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