Myanmar troops rob the local villagers

On Friday and Saturday (23-24 April 2021) Myanmar military troops from LIB 574, 576 over 100 forces including militiamen confiscated villagers of Par Sont village, Keng Kham, Kolam Township, Southern Shan State after they rampaged into the village.

According to the local source, 6 villagers were victimised from these barbaric, Burmese troops.

The names of the victims were-

1) Sai Pay Di and Nang Ying (wife) lost – knives, cooking oil, food ingredient

2) Sai Hla and Nang Khat (wife) lost – rice, hens, a knife, food ingredient

3) Loun Goun Mar and Par Pung (wife) lost – a knife, a cooking pot, 3 kg of fermented soya beans, food ingredient 

4) Sai Su Sein Thar and Nang Mann (wife) lost – hens, rice and food ingredient

5) Sai Mar Lar and Nang Ohn (wife) lost – hens and food ingredient

6) Nang Hong lost 15 water buckets.


On 23 April 2021, in the evening, the troops also ordered 7 men from Par Sont village to carry water for the troops as well. Villagers had to load water tanks on their own lorry and transported it to the camp which set up a base at the east of Par Sont village outside.



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