Mong Pan polices take goods from the shops of villagers

Mong Pan polices combined with village headman went to Hofi village in Mon Pan township and took goods from the villagers’ shops, villagers were fined as punishment by the police too.

On 20 July 2020, afternoon, we got a report from the local that ” major Nay Lin Aung and village headman went and took goods such as beers, alcohol and other properties from the shops of Nang Kham Wu, Nang Pu Seng, Sai Pe + Nang Noung Nee in Hofi village, and all the shop owners had to give the money as punishment.

1) Shop owner Nang Kham Wu lost a bottle of Myanmar Rum, 2 bottles of alcohol, 2 bottles of Hong Hua beers, and sixty thousand of money.

2) Nang Pu Seng lost 2 cards of beers can, 4 bottles of alcohol, and fifty thousand of money.

3) Sai Pe and his wife Nang Noung Nee lost a card of Myanmar beer Dagon, one bucket of alcohol, and fifty thousand of money.

No one knows the reason why police and village headman took goods and other properties of villagers, also the police didn’t explain anything to the shop owners. 



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