Meeting of RCSS/SSA and guardian of students

Education Commission of RCSS held an award ceremony and a meeting met with student guardian, at National High School, Loi Tai Leng.

RCSS/SSA’s chairman General Yawd Serk and many officers from other departments, education commission, Sangha, student guardians, women’s association chairman including teachers had attended a meeting and ceremony. 

In that meeting, Gen Yawd Serk gave a speech urging parents of the student to support their children for studying and attending the class regularly and the student must be interested in the studying too.

Other officers also gave speeches encourage the students to try hard in studying. Then an accountable person had invited Gen Yawd Serk to give an award to the students who passed the exam with high score.

A meeting of met with the guardian of students started after the award ceremony and the education commission had explaining 2018-2019 academic year schedule and plan.


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