Loi Tai Leng holds a ceremony to mark HM King’s birthday

The Restoration Council of Shan State/ Shan State Army held a ceremony to mark His Majesty the King’s 68th birthday on Tuesday. 

On 28 July 2020, evening, RCSS/SSA held a ceremony to mark Thai King 68th birthday on Tuesday. The monks (Sangha), the vice-chairman Lieutenant general Sai Yee, the vice-chairman Major general Khur Ngurn, heads of departments and general public attended the ceremony, all attendees prayed and made merits in the main hall at Loi Tai Leng headquarters of RCSS/SSA.

In the ceremony, the vice-chairman Lieutenant general lit the candles and wish happiness and longevity for the Thai King according to the 68th birthday. After that, the officer led all attendees to silence for a while in showing respect to the Thai King and concluded the ceremony.

Accordingly the July 28 Thai king’s birthday is now marked a public holiday in Thailand, and the government institutions, the private sector have closed. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha led his cabinet ministers, officials, and the general public and celebrated His Majesty’s birthday.

All provincial halls and districts across the whole country held similar ceremonies for His Majesty.   



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