Dealer bribe Burmese Police for selling Yaba

Murng Kung locals had to report RCSS/SSA seize a drug dealer and addicts in their township. The operation started by RCSS/SSA soldiers on 6 November that a seller named Sai Lao Murng age 58 was arrested at his residence selling WY 38 of methamphetamines.

RCSS/SSA officers and their fellows continued a further drug seizer after getting a completed name list and information about the addicts on the same day.

Sai Lao Murng told RCSS that the reason he could able to go off without a hitch was to have the local police bribed for trafficking freely. That he had to give them around 50,000 to 60,000 kyats whenever they needed to use for their trips, and sometimes the administration officer could come to ask for some cash from him as well.

Drug Dealer in  Shan State

He then handed the names of his clients who always came to him for Yaba drug, they were: Sai Ti age 23, Sai Aung Kham age 17, Sai Pan Lu age 21 and Sai Mon Khur age 20 of Murng Kung locals.

Those young men will be detained compulsorily for rehabilitation at RCSS/SSA then released once they are fully recovered from drugs.


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