Commission of Education of RCSS held meeting at Harm Ngai

RCSS’s Commission of Education held a meeting related their office management and educational training programs for  younger generation of Shan State, at the monastery Harm Ngail region on this September 18, Mong Kung Township.

The managerial tasks and training programs such as (1) the income statement or account of the Commission (2) the balance sheet (3) a training plan to collect “scores” or “marks” (4) an administration and a leadership training (5) a self-reliance training program and (6) a self-motivation and protection programs are being discussed in the meeting.

The meeting was organized and participated by Sai Kuan Wan from the Commission of Education of RCSS, Sai Thip Jing from the Administration Committee of Education of RCSS, head of teachers, an assistant and the administrator of the school, 30 in total.



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