Clashes Intensify between the Burmese Army and RCSS/SSA the rise of pandemic Covid-19 in Myanmar

Burmese Army reinforces its troops into the RCSS controlled areas, Kyaukmae Township, northern Shan State. The reinforcement prompted the clashes took place between the RCSS/SSA and Burmese and more than two thousand villages were forced to take shelter at the nearby temples. 

On 2nd Oct 2020, the 69 troops from Light Infantry Battalion 101 of the Burmese army entered into Namwar village Aggyi bloc Kyaukme Township and shoot into every direction with an attempt of creating a fake clash. As a result, the villages fled to the Aggyi monastery for their safety. Since then the clashes started to intensify into wider spaces. Until now, the villagers still could not return to their village.  

The fighting reached out to other villages Pon Wow, Hkang Hkai, Nong Zhim and Nar Khor Kywaukme town. The fleeing villagers had to leave their properties, pets and farms behind. All of them run out of their villages and have stayed together in monastery where they believe it was a safe place for them and they didn’t forget to think about the social distancing under the Covid-19 guidelines.

Some of the temples didn’t have enough space and adequate food for villagers even though some of the CSOs went to assist in the area. 

Some villagers were injured and some of the houses were damaged by the shrapnel of artillery fire. And on 7 and 8 Oct 2020, the Burmese troops sent helicopters into the battlefield for their reinforcement. 

On 8 Oct 2020, Lt Col Aom Khur, the spokesperson for RCSS/SSA, said 1) “The clash is still taking place rise and the Burmese Army used the helicopters and shot heavy their weapons into Nong Zhim village Kyaukme township.  The fighting takes place because the Burmese Army   breached the NCAthey entered and searched RCSS/SSA in the jungle. If the battle continues many of civilians will be in trouble. Our soldiers are not staying in the villages and they used the helicopters and its weapons shooting in Nong Zhim village with the attention of hurting and damaging the lives and properties of the villagers.  We are staying in our territory and when they shot at us, we have to protect and defend ourselves. We are trying to solve the conflicts but they have no willingness to talk. We feel bad for the troops and villagers.”     

The politicians concern that the fighting might have a big impact on the upcoming election in the area.



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