Burmese military at Loi Tawn Hill forcibly ask bamboo from residents

On 7 March 2020 Burmese military called villagers from Ho Khai village to meet with them at Lonn Zarm village Ho Khai Bloc Mong Kerng Township, and forcibly asked one thousand pieces of Bamboo that should sent to them during one weeks.

Burese troops , Image – 1

A local said to our reporter “the Burmese soldier at Loi Tawn Hill told they will use bamboos for building their camp and now Bamboo is really rare it is difficult for us to find and cut”.

Mong Kern Signboard, Image – 2

A piece of bamboo cost four thousand and five thousand kyats by local sell to each other. 

Loi Tawn Hill is located between Mong Kern and Keyshi Township, Southern Shan State.



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