Burmese Military arrests RCSS/SSA soldiers and a village resident

On 19 December 2019, Tatmadaw’s seven soldiers from 332 light infantry unit fully equipped themselves with weapons but were wearing civilian clothes apprehended Sai Kawetha RCSS’s soldier and Sai Zarreita at the monastery of Nar Boi village tract in Nam Zarng Township.

They both were captured while having a meeting with village people, mainly discussed (1) narcotics eradication, (2) renovation of the village’s monastery, (3) welfare of the village.

Witnesses described that those seven Burmese soldiers entered the monastery without taking off their shoes and with the guns in their hands.

Sai Zarreita was released with the help of the village head and his parents went to beg Burmese military with a petition letter oat their base at 16:30 pm on that day.

Burmese Military did not settle down with the admission that Sai Kawetha made that he told them he was the only one who organized the meeting with the locals, about cases mentioned above which were the concerns among the community.

However, Burmese soldier combed the whole village for further involvements and SSA’s soldiers until they found Sai Tiloka at the local store, snatched and scrolled through his smartphone, and found the picture of him wearing a military uniform then detained him with Sai Zarreita at their base.

According to the source, two members of RCSS are being held at No.758 Man Pang Militia near Nar Boi village tract in Laikha Township.

RCSS/SSA has been trying to reach out to negotiate for the release of their tow soldiers but no responses from the Burmese Army till now.

Following this incident, 15 soldiers from No. 332 light infantry unit drove their probox and 4WD cars into Khur Nin village, searched through the houses of Khur Nin village head and Thumana who was a teacher on 1 January 2020, in Nam Zarng Township.

Again, 30 soldiers of the same unit trespassed the village monastery and scouted around the compound for SSA’s soldiers at 11 am on 4 January 2020.

Since then, they have been interrogating every youth with no age limit who pass through their gate which are based in Nar Boi and Tong Hong villages in Nam Zarng Township.

No. 337 light infantry unit is based in Nam Zarng Township and is under the control of eastern central command (Kohlam) of mid-Shan State.


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