Both troops deny causing the casualties

The clashes broke out between Tatmadaw and Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) on 17 December that TNLA torched one house in a flame which belongs to Ma Shwe Yen at Wan Loi Biek village of Muang Ngor Township, northern Shan State.

But Tatmadaw said the fighting happened near Namsan Township.

A house burnt down by TNLA at Murng Ngor, northern Shan State.
A mother and her daughter sitting in front of their house burned down by TNLA soldiers.

TNLA soldiers started the fire first while Tatmadaw was searching in their area for a clearance operation at 16:55 pm. They lit Ma Shwe Yen’s house then left the village that evening.

The owner of the house and her daughter, named Lway Khin Oo, were at the funeral of neighbor in the village, not knowing their house was on the flame while volunteering.

Burmese soldiers had to help the family extinguish the fire that burnt the whole house down. TNLA denied the cause, accused Tatmadaw of the culprit and vice versa.


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