Another two locals hit by mines

Two locals had been hit by bombs set by TNLA near Wan Taung Pa Lo village, Kyawme Township on 8 September, Northern Shan State.

One was killed and one was heavily injured in the incident happened at 11:00 am.

The victim who lost his life called Lung (Uncle) Zar Aye of age 40 and the other one is called Mai Pang San of age 30 (according to Irrawaddy’s article). The blast happened to them while cleaning the bushes in the tea plantation.

Locals said that there were landmines in such villages namely Wan Mark Meu, Wan Kuang Thein, Wan Loi Pan Tarng of areas of Kyawme Township planted by TNLA.

On 7 September, there was also other blasts wounded the locals’ oxen whose are Lung Ti and Lung Thein of Wan Loi Pan Tarng village. Also, there was one local, named Lung Koi, lost his leg by accidently stepped on the mine planted by TNLA on 5 September.



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