A drug addicted use a knife jab the two men

A Burma man, who was intoxicated after using the drugs he had used the knife jab the two men of government in Mong Hsat Township in the eastern Shan State.

The local said, “In the evening of 31 July 2018 a Burma man named Zaw Myne Naing was intoxicated going to the telegram office and he did annoying things around there. So two men came out to prohibited him but he used the knife jab them.”

The two men who were stabbed by the drug eater were the officer in the telegram office. One was U Zaw Myint Tun, he was a stab at his two hands, at the breast, near the stomach and another one man was U Kyaw Swar Win get the jab at the wrist, at the breast, an arm. Both of them sent to cure at Mong Hsat Hospital, but the wounds of U Zaw Myint Tun are more terrifying so had sent him to take the cure at Tachilek Hospital.

A drug eater, Zaw Myne Naing, he was captured by the police on that day immediately.


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