A Burmese troop tries to rape a woman in Mong Ton Township

A Burmese troop tried to rape a woman who was harvesting sesame on the farm in Mong Ton township, Southern Shan State.

On 24 July 2020 morning, a troop named San Lin Aung from Burmese Army IB 277 and IB 133  that based near Mork Za Lee village Mong Ton Township went down to Mae Gane river and found a 32-year-old woman was harvesting sesame in her farm.The troop, San Lin Aung, drag the woman into the bushes and tried to rape her, but her brother-in-law who was harvesting sesame from another side of the farm heard her shouting and came to rescue her and then San Lin Aung was captured, said the local.

When villagers went to report all the story to the leader of the Burmese Army at that camp he replied “our military only has the policy to punish the criminal and we don’t have the policy to fine the cost “. Then the troops brought San Lin Aung back to their camp. The woman and her relative are dissatisfied with this situation.

Even if the Burmese Army would punish their troop in the camp, the villagers still feel unsafe and can’t stop the thought of when Burmese troops will break human rights again.   

On 26 Feb 2020, a Burmese troop tried to rape a Shan Lady in Ke-hsi township Southern Shan State too.   



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